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Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) is a subsidiary of BSNL, owned by state having headquarters in New Delhi. It provides telecom services in metro cities Delhi, Mumbai of India and in the island nation of Mauritius in Africa. ‘Transparency makes us different’ is their motto and company currently provides telecom services to over 6.71 million subscribers. The total assets of the company is worth 2.3 billion US dollar and the Government of India currently hold 57 percent of total share of the company, rest is held by public and other institutions. The company is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.

MTNL provides fixed line telephones, mobile services on GSM and CDMA platform, it also provide value added services like 3G, Broadband and FTTH. Despite only give services in two cities of India, MTNL is the third largest ISP in India.

Mobile Tower Company
MTNL improvise itself regularly for better services in affordable prices. It starts FTTH offerings in Delhi in November 2011 and in Mumbai in March 2012.

Now when network problem is common and number of subscriber are at its peak, MTNL requires more mobile tower installation in Delhi and Mumbai to provide basic services. If you experience problems during utilizing internet services, or your internet is not working properly, you can just contact us Sigma Tower to install mobile tower in your area. Sigma Towers is a mobile tower installation company installed tower for all network providers. A team of Sigma Towers probes the area, and installed the most suitable mobile tower for the area, delivering the needs of all subscribers. If not done properly the mobile tower installation will be harmful for residents, we at Sigma Towers taking extreme measures when it comes to safety of residents. We follow all the protocols during installation of mobile tower. Contact us for mobile tower installation in Delhi and Mumbai.

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