Rajkot, Gujarat

Antenna and radio installation, maintenance, and repair.

With wireless systems design experience in security and awareness, attention and CPR, and years of formal training and certifications. Provide us a workspace or upgrade your existing 2G, 3G, 4G networks.

Sigma Towers can help deploy our dedicated team of staff, to research, resolve, build or recommend potential solutions in optimizing their sites and resolving their issues correctly and quickly.

Our Towers installation services improve coverage on city streets and metro areas. Sigma Towers has experience within the installation, commissioning, integration and repair of the cell. Small cells are ideally suited to help deliver 4G connections where they're most needed. Our services can even be deployed in buildings and high-capacity locations like airports, college campuses, train stations, shopping malls and sports stadiums. Sigma Towers also improves network performance and repair quality.

Builds Towers

Sigma Towers Rajkot has worked for all major cell carriers and Towers companies in Gujarat. Sigma Towers has years of experience and should provide the turnkey solution you're trying to search out. Our employees have the experience, training, and are equipped to securely, quickly and efficiently complete all the desired services for planning your site.

Sigma Towers are being extended beyond their initial structural capacity. To still befit Towers loading and code requirements, reinforcement projects must be dispensed to strengthen existing antenna Towers soon increase their antenna carrying capacity. Whether its standoff arm reinforcement is to supply additional capacity to Towers platforms or sector frame stabilizer kits that provide additional support to existing sector frames, Sigma Towers provides all the Michigan services required for your Towers upgrade modifications and reinforcement projects.