Mysore, Karnataka

Sigma Towers is knowledgeable, trained and experienced within the shooting and problem solving of cell antenna and radio issues while on site. We have got installed, maintained and serviced all kinds of cell antenna installations on towers, monopoles, high voltage towers, rooftops and in building repeater and amplifier systems.

For higher network state needs a great number of mobile towers to be installed and we Sigma Towers provided mobile tower installation services in Karnataka at a very professional way. We did not compromise in our services, and our high caliber work force completes a project in time.

Field / Construction Services

We have a highly experienced and qualified staff to deploy for the services of any sector within the telecommunications and broadcast tower industry.

Tower construction (serving tower, self-supporting tower, monopole)

INE Antennas and Transmission Line Installation<

Roads CIVIL Construction (Site Access Road, Tower and Shelter Compound, Fencing of Compounds and Tower Anchors, Provision of Electrical Service)

Tower Repair (will comply with existing towers with existing engineering standards. This is one of our specialties due to our high level of expertise as it is very challenging from an engineering and field services standpoint), Tower lighting, repairs and repairs, and supplies and installation.