Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Sigma Towers in Bihar working day and night to provide the state the necessary tower installation services, contact us if you did not get a good connectivity in your region, first we inspect the region and if there is a need for tower, we install it after mutual consent. At Sigma Tower we offer the knowledge and technical expertise to make sure customized solutions for your project needs. we are visiting support every aspect of your project implementation as our team works to cut back risk, accelerate revenue generation, and deploy a feature-rich network.

Sigma Tower Service Description

Sigma Tower can rebuild or replace commercial antennas, rotators and controllers, and all models of service, and repair most models of similar antennas by other companies. Our project management process presents results that meet or exceed customers' expectations for quality and cost-effectiveness. We have installed and repaired these types of antennas and design and engineering telecommunication systems for customers like Airtel, MTNL, JIO, Vodafone, etc. at locations across the country. Muzaffarpur is one of the largest telecom network design companies in Bihar.

How do you rent land for a mobile tower?

The best way to get your property rented for installation by the companies is to approach them directly. There are several options available on the web such as Sigma Tower has responsible for tower development programs in several States of India.

Sigma Tower Monthly rentals for mobile tower installation range is between Rs 8,000 per month up to Rs one lakh per month. In metro cities such as Mumbai, the rentals may go up to a few more lakhs. However, the amount may differ according to the height, size and area of the property.