Welcome to the Sigma Tower have been setting up and servicing all kinds of communications towers. We are upgraded with mechanical skills to offer your business the experience you are looking for in a tower installation service company in Meerut.

We have designed and built towers for almost all private sector firms and government organization. We have installed all types of towers; Utilities, telecommunications, bombing range, navigation, broadcasting, etc. We install new towers and modify existing towers. We tower over buildings. Bring us a challenge and we will give you our best efforts.

  • To make all the members aware of the issues relevant to the industry.
  • To provide integrated voice for companies building, servicing and maintaining towers and communications infrastructure.
  • Tower inspection crews can be found erecting taller towers and installing and maintaining HF, LF and VLF towers.

    Lines and antennas

    We upgrade the towers with latest line techniques and antenna technologies are able of transmitting communication data at faster rates. Our tower installation services apply to everything, including coax to hybrid lines.

    Thorough test

    Once a unit is installed, we perform tests to ensure that it runs smoothly. We also ensure that all lines within the perimeter are fully functioning. Everything is thoroughly tested to ensure that they want to act.

    Send your inquiry below and one of our representatives will reply within 24 business hours.

    Safety first

    Safety is our first priority in our service. Each of our personnel is certified and highly trained to deliver the best service while adhering to work safety standards.