Jalandhar, Punjab

Jalandhar is an ancient city in the north Indian state of Punjab. Sigma Tower is leading tower Installation Company for all wireless telecommunication networks in Jalandhar, Punjab. Sigma Tower deals in installing all types of tower, and of every telecom network provider company, whether it is Airtel or Idea, Jio, Vodafone, Reliance, BSNL etc.

Sigma Towers stay updated with the current tools and technologies and make sure that our customers get the top-quality network with the state-of-the-art towers assembled by our proficient engineers and workers. Our team executes the work of installing and managing the operations of the telecom towers and other formulated communication frameworks.

What is the process of installation of mobile tower?

Important Guidelines from Sigma Tower for Installation of Mobile Towers

The Base Station Antennas should be at least 3 m away from nearby buildings and antennas should not directly face a building. Further, the lower end of the antenna should be at least 3 meters above the ground or roof.

Is it legal to install mobile tower in residential?

The first point to remember is tower installation is NOT illegal in residential areas. However, if there is lack of site options, a tower can be installed in a residential area. Also it is important to note that if a tower must be installed in a residential area, it should be on rooftops of buildings or in open land.